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Is Confinement Food and Nanny Just for the Baby?

Post-Natal Confinement Practices

Chinese civilization has a longstanding belief that new moms who do not find excellent postnatal care will set themselves up for poor health and illness later in life. It’s thought that the absence of care of the mother’s body and head following the infant’s arrival permits the seeds of bad health and illness to be seen in her body. Years later, at an unpredictable time, those seeds may come into fruition and will bloom into illness, illness or bad health in general.

That is why Chinese women always hire confinement nannies to care for new mothers and their newborn babies. This isn’t merely a luxury that some women get to love so that they can put in bed or prevent learning from chinese confinement food looking after their babies. It is regarded as a necessity that aids the mother get care, so she is spared those after health problems.

The Necessity of a Confinement Period

The nanny is the solution to some serious cultural problem. She’s there to protect against those seeds of bad health from being implanted in the new mommy’s body. In this way, she’s a promoter of long-term health in the mother. In this way, she is primarily a promoter of immediate good Chinese confinement food and health for the mother in addition to the baby.

Today, this belief is spreading across the world to Western civilizations too. Many are catching on to how a woman must take care of her entire body when recovering from the arrival of a baby. They may not call the help they hire a nanny, but their helpers perform precisely the same thing which Chinese confinement food have performed for Chinese women for centuries.

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